Reactive Dyes

Venus presents textile Dyes & Printers with a very wide range of Reactive Dyes, which are suitable to various dyeing & printing of cellulose fibre. Rigorous quality checks are applied by our quality team to improve the standards of products. Keeping in our mind the valuable necessities of our clients, we manufacture the characterized and standardize range of reactive dyes. These are extreme in performance and perfect in resistance. Moreover these reactive dyes are made up of imported material which is sourced from reputed suppliers. Best of the best is we are supreme textile reactive dyes, reactive dyes suppliers in India.

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Hot Dyes

These are named as 'HOT NRAMD DYES'. These dyes are applied under strong alkaline conditions at high temperature of application compared to 'M' Dyes. These Dyes contains very good fastness properties to wash, perspiration, light etc. These dyes are suitable particularly for printing cotton, viscose, cuprammonium rayons &


Cold Dyes

'M' Series DYES: These are called 'COLD BRAND DYES'. These dyes are having very good reactivity fastness properties. These dyes require milder alkaline conditions for applications & fixation at the optimum temperature of 25-35 deg c.


HE Dyes

'HE' Series dyes: These are bifunctional reactive he dyes which are having two reactive molties of the same type viz monochloro triazinyl. The chromogen of the colour is supported through a stilbene in the molecule. This structure provides good light fastness and as well good washing fastness because of having high


ME Dyes

'ME' series dyes: The optimum fixation temperature of HE type dyes is 80-85 C. We introduced a new range of bifunctional reactive 'ME' Dyes for our customers who are too conscious of energy consumption. In 'ME' Dyes one molecule is fused with two reactive group vinyl sulphone as well as monochloro triazine.

Vinyl Sulfone Dyes

Vinyl Sulphone Dyes: These are vinyl sulphone based reactive dyes widely used for dyeing & printing of cellulose fibres for its very good fastness properties. These dyes are having good features like, good solubility even in presence of alkali, very good fastness properties, can be applied both by exhaust & padding