Quality Control Setup

We strongly adhere to the standards and specifications of the customers and that it fulfils their requirement & demand. We strongly believe in quality practice. Utmost care is taken, throughout the procurement and distribution process to ensure that materials possess rigorous standardization and strict specifications. The company's quality control policy guarantees that customers receive those products that meet the highest quality standards. This commitment to quality control enforces the organization to provide consistent products and meet your exact requirements.

We have been maintaining the quality practice and are equipped with sophisticated and technologically advanced equipments where highly skilled team of research chemists, engineers and technicians are working to deliver the best possible products to the consumers.

Objectives of R & D Set up and Quality Assurance

  • Improving quality by upgrading and improving manufacturing technology and processes.
  • Lowering manufacturing cost through innovative developments.

  • Developing new products and processes.
  • Maintain quality practice.

  • Upgrading laboratory and production with modest technology to maintain standardization.
  • Study the needs of the customers to deliver the best.