Hair Dyes

Venus Dye-Chem launched a new product range which is used in hair dyes manufacturing, dyestuff manufacturing, pigment powder manufacturing and Bulk drugs (API). These raw materials are specially used in hair and give various colours and tones.

Serial No. Products CAS No.
1 Para Phenyle Diamine (PPDA) 106-50-3
2 2-Nitro-P-Phenylene Diamine (2-Nitro PPD) 68239-83-8
3 4-Nitro-M-Phenylenediame (4-Nitro MPD) 5131-58-8
4 4-Nitro-O-Phenylenediamine(4-Nitro OPD) 99-56-9
5 Ortho Amino Phenol (OAP) 95-85-2
6 M-Phenylene diamine (MPD) 108-45-2
7 Barium (For Oxidation)
8 Citric (Cosmetic Grade)